A paper on semantic and instance segmentation of Soft X-ray tomograms to generate organelle masks followed by analysis of organelle localization based on the radial distribution function.

A paper on new visual design language to represent biological structures in a cell.

As part of a project to build a spatiotemporal model of the pancreatic β-cell, we are creating an immersive experience called “World in a Cell” that can be used to integrate and create new educational tools. To do this, we have developed a new visual design language that uses tetrahedral building blocks to express the structural features of biological molecules and organelles in crowded cellular environments. The tetrahedral language enables more efficient animation and user interaction in an immersive environment. 

A short review about community engagement for challenging scientific problems such as whole cell modeling.

A paper on assessment of various scoring functions for unsupervised ranking of cluster quality of 3D subtomograms.

Joining IIT Roorkee

Joining Department of Biosciences and Bioengineering at IIT Roorkee starting July 2021 as Assistant Professor.

Had an opportunity to be on panel "Emergence: World in a Cell: An Artscience Collaboration" at BEYOND Conference 2020.